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Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'm... Joyful?

It seems like for the past several months, all it seems like I've felt is tired. And angry. And lonely and sad. I could go on, but you probably understand what I'm getting at.

This week, however, I've actually started feeling happy. That should be normal, but it hasn't been normal at all.

Maybe it's the fact that it's close to the holidays, and winter break starts tomorrow when I get home from school? I've had a slightly lighter workload, and I finally got over a recital I'd been dreading, and saw good friends there. Saw friends outside of school! I can hardly remember the last time that happened!
Not only that (I mentioned this in a previous post), but my review of Les Miz was on an actual established newspaper. I'm networking.
I've had time to clean part of my room, which has desperately needed it, and am far more organized now. It's quite improved my sanity.
 I finished the Eye-Opening Arc of Higurashi, and therefore got through the so-called most depressing arc in the series. (It was.)
I have great ideas for presents (I love Rookie: Here's one post, and here's another about gifts). They're going to be so fun to make.

I love being in a good mood. I've missed it so much.

And to anyone who isn't:

You should try cleaning if you're... erm... disorganized like me. It can clean your soul.
If you're completely bogged down with work, stressed, and feel bad, it's okay to stay home. I used to be so against it that I would force myself to go to school with a headache, way too much stress, and getting three hours of sleep because I stayed up really late doing my homework. Sometimes, sleep really is a priority. Also, you may get more work done staying at home. I'm not saying to skip school all the time, just take a mental health break.
Listen to music that speaks to what you're going through, cheers you up, or helps you in any way. The Cranberries have been an incurable addiction lately.
Get in contact with old friends. Even if you're busy. Try and take a few minutes to at least write an email. It's amazing how hearing from someone you miss can brighten up your day.

Well... 再见!


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